How To Give Your Rental Property A Competitive Edge

You have just taken a mortgage product to build some rental units near your home. Within no time, your rental property is complete and potential tenants have started checking it out. But how do you increase your rental yield? A few years ago, landlords and rental property managers had an easier time letting their properties. Their clients did not expect too much from them and were more accepting of the rental properties offered to them.

Regrettably, all this has changed in recent years and renters want and expect a lot more for their money. And because more people have jumped into the property investment market, tenants have a wider range of options to choose from.

Improving a rental property to attract more clients


Since the majority of rental property owners don’t want to lose their clients, they are now renovating their commercial buildings to meet the needs of their clients. Competition has made these investors to work extra harder to make their properties more desirable and hence to increase their rental yields. For all this to work, they are spending more money to bring their rental properties up to the expected standards. After all, their clients want to portray a specific lifestyle and living in quality rental homes make them feel like they are living that wished for lifestyle.

Giving your rental property a competitive edge is easier than you ever imagined. But before we get started on how, it is important that you find yourself a reliable property manager. This person will be charged with the duty of looking after your property. Some qualities to look out for when hiring this kind of a person include reliability, trustworthiness, organization and hardworking. Reliable property managers are great when it comes to maximizing the returns from your investments. Without much ado, here are some three tips for giving your property that competitive edge you desire

Have it renovated

Having your rental property expertly renovated offers great rewards in the long run. Yes, it might be a costly undertaking, but the rewards are really worth the trouble. For one, it can help you get more income from higher rents in addition to helping secure great tenants who will love your property like it is their own. By simply replacing shower heads, taps, and other fixtures in a bathroom, you have given a fresh and improved look. Repainting the kitchen flooring, walls, cupboards and changing the handles with new ones makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting the right kind of tenants.

Keep your rental property clean

A rental property whether an aging or new one should always be presented in its best light. One of the best ways to do this is having it professionally cleaned at last once per week. Arriving to view a fresh smelling property is an undeniable benefit in winning over potential tenants. Even if your property has the markings of a great home, if the floors and walls are stained or dirty, they it could be sitting vacant for longer than you had anticipated.

Carpets and flooring

It is always a good idea to replace old carpets or flooring when it comes to rental properties. Laminate and timber flooring are a favorite with many renters. Moreover, these types of flooring make rooms to appear fresher and larger. But if you want to make the rooms more homely and warmer, then opt for quality carpets. If your budget does not allow you to replace your carpeting or even flooring, then make sure to hire professional cleaners to have them expertly cleaned.

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